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A Great Family Fire Pit with Camp Chef vblog by Tom Opre

It doesn’t matter where you live, in the country or the suburbs, we all instinctively like to sit around a fire in the evening. The folks at Camp Chef have a great, portable solution to the mess of wood fires and burning restrictions — the Camp Chef Redwood Portable Gas Fire Pit! I know my…

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Buck Knives Custom Shop video blog by Tom Opre

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Buck Knives, Inc. manufacturing facility and offices in Post Falls, ID. Fourth generation knife maker, CJ Buck gave me some insight into Buck’s little known custom knife shop. They build incredible knives everyone from individual collectors to major conservation organizations. Do you own a custom Buck…

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The New Extreme Huntress™ Competition – 777 Ranch vblog by Tom Opre

We’ve kicked off the 5th Annual Extreme Huntress™ competition! Ten hardcore huntresses are vying for four finalists positions and get the opportunity to participate in a head to head hunt and skills competition at the famous 777 Ranch in Hondo, Texas. This event will be filmed and episodes posted to the Extreme Huntress™ website starting…

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5th Annual Extreme Huntress™ Contest Kicks Into High Gear vblog by Tom Opre

The Extreme Huntress™ starts it’s 5th year. Everything has been moved up and we are accepting entries through April 15, 2013. New this year is a head to head skills and hunting competition to take place in front of the Eye of the Hunter™ cameras at the famous 777 Ranch in Hondo, Texas. This competition…

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Less Lethal Lightfield Shotgun Slugs Keep You Protected video blog by Tom Opre

Earlier this month I was hanging out with Lightfield’s Brian Smith checking out their line of less lethal shotgun slug products. This stuff is really cool. Brian state you can use it to deter everything from criminals to bears to the neighbors dog! Lightfield less lethal products are accurate, effective, affordable and designed to address…

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Extend the Range of Your Truck with a Titan Fuel Tank video blog by Tom Opre

Averaging almost 50,000 miles per year traveling all over North America to film extreme sports and outdoor adventure I found my stock fuel tank left a lot to be desired. Over five years ago I ran into the folks at Titan Fuel Tanks and they had a solution — a tank which replaced my OEM…

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Red Dot Long Range Shooting with Aimpoint & Nemo Arms vblog by Tom Opre

Most folks don’t realize you can shoot long range with a red dot sight. Go back in time to frontier America and the buffalo hunters regularly made kill shots, with open sights, at vast distances. For my experiment, I headed out to the Nemo Arms range to try my luck with their new Omen 300…

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NEMO ARMS The Incredible OMEN Rifle video blog by Tom Opre

[leadplayer_vid id=”512FD0408A4FC”] I had the opportunity to hang with the guys from Nemo Arms and shoot one of the most exciting new rifles available — the Omen. All I can say is unbelievable. Watch us shoot out to 1000 yards with this AR rifle built for the 300 win mag cartridge. I even join the…

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Staying Warm In The Outdoors With Hot Mocs video blog by Tom Opre

During the cold months of winter, if you are hiking, hunting, ice fishing or snowshoeing your outdoor experience won’t be fun if you don’t stay warm. We’ve been using products from Hot Mocs to help us enjoy cold weather activities [leadplayer_vid id=”5123E9E66A5E1″]

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Safety in the Field with Adventure Medical Kits & Global Rescue video blog by Tom Opre

Heading out for a hunt of a lifetime? Don’t forget the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared.” Packing a good first aid kit and purchasing a Global Rescue membership is a good idea. [leadplayer_vid id=”51129C36252CA”]

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Booking Your First African Safari video blog by Tom Opre

Hunting in Africa is a dream for most big game hunters. When the opportunity arises for your first safari make sure you check all details before you book your hunt. Olivia Nalos Opre, hunting consultant, with Jack Brittingham’s World of Hunting Adventure gives some keen insight to researching your first safari. [leadplayer_vid id=”50EF4181DC149″]

Olivia Nalos Opre talks about hunting consultants.

Why You Should Use A Hunting Consultant For Your Next African Safari vblog by Tom Opre

How many of us have the experience and time to spend figuring out what areas of Africa and various safari operators offers the best hunting? Not many. That is why I tap into the expertise of a hunting consultant. Olivia Nalos Opre, with Jack Brittingham’s World of Hunting Adventure, tell us why all hunters who…

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2012 – A Year to Remember – Highlights vblog by Tom Opre

2012 has been one of the greatest years. Tons of great hunts and travels. Plus, the marriage of Tom and Olivia. A special recap of the highlights of 2012.


Day 3 Hunting the Black Death with Aimpoint, Ruger, Martin Pieters Safaris vblog by Tom Opre

Day 3 of Tom Opre’s safari for cape buffalo hunting with Martin Pieters Safaris.         [leadplayer_vid id=”50C0EA2651ADD”]

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Day 2 Hunting Black Death with Ruger, Aimpoint, & Martin Pieters Safaris vblog by Tom Opre

Day 2 of Tom Opre’s cape buffalo hunt in Zimbabwe with Martin Pieters Safaris.         [leadplayer_vid id=”50C8F5B90602C”]

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