2012 Extreme Huntress Judges


Melissa Bachman Producer/TV Show Host

Melissa Bachman is a producer and Co-host for outdoor television shows. Her job entails filming, editing and hunting for a living. This past year, she was in the field over 140 days and she loves every minute of it.

“The toughest part of my job is the physical aspect of filming on the run. Hunting in tough conditions is one thing, but filming is another. Hiking with over 60 pounds of gear through all types of weather and terrain can be downright grueling. But when everything comes together and its all captured on film, the sense of accomplishment is incredible.”

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Brittany Boddington
Hunter/Writer/ TV Show Host

Brittany Boddington grew up in Los Angeles and with the help of her father Craig she has found a love of the great outdoors and has turned her passions toward hunting around the globe. She has worked hard and been lucky enough to hunt all over the world and to her delight she spends the majority of the year living out of a suitcase. She now writes for several notable outdoor publications including Peterson’s Hunting Magazine, Sports A’field and Gun’s and Ammo and appears on the TV shows Tracks Across Africa and The American Huntress.


Rebecca Francis – TV Show Host
Rebecca Francis was the first woman to win the title of Extreme Huntress in 2010. Winning the contest has been one of the most exciting things Rebecca has experienced. Since winning, she has participated in numerous live radio interviews and featured in several women’s outdoor publications. She writes outdoor articles and blogs for huntonly.com and bowhunting.net, plus contributes to several other hunting magazines. Currently, she is the co-host of Eye of the Hunter™ on NBC Sports/Versus.
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Olivia Nalos Opre – TV Show Host/Hunting Consultant

As a television host and hunting consultant, Olivia has hunted six continents and taken over 60 species of game animals. She has hosted TV episodes for Ruger Adventures, Federal’s Dangerous Game and The World of Beretta. In 2003, Olivia was Mrs. Nebraska and took her pro hunting message to the national stage in the Mrs. America Contest. She is a tireless advocate for hunters all over the world.



Jackie Gross –  Extreme Huntress 2012

As our 2012 Extreme Huntress, Jackie is a hardcore hunter. She has just returned from her first African safari where she took two cape buffalo, waterbuck, zebra and baboon. Look for this episode of Eye of the Hunter™ to air Nov 25 and Jan. 6 at 7AM EST on NBC Sports.