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Eye Of The Hunter™ Images

Various images of our travels and hunts.

Rebecca Francis Takes Huge Dall Sheep With Bow

Becky hit the jackpot on a recent dall sheep hunt. With her Mathews Z7 Extreme bow she made a 70 yard shot on a 170"+ bruiser. Check out her blog posts on the Tahoe Films Video Channel to get all the details.

Calamity Creek Guides & Outfitters BC Black Bear Hunt

Eye Of The Hunterà ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¾Ã‚ ¢ host Tom Opre hunted with Calamity Creek Guide and Outfitters for a monster black bear in British Columbia.

Argentina Red Stag and Water Buffalo

Host Tom Opre hunts stag and water buffalo in Argentina with Fieldsports LLC.

Mountains & Mud 7

Filming the new MM& extreme ATV and side by side film all over North America.

Eye of the Hunter™ - Tom & Olivia Opre hunt Spain with Trophy Hunting Spain

May 2012, Olivia and Tom traveled to Madrid, Spain to meet up with outfitter and guide Bruno Rosich of Trophy Hunting Spain. They would hunt Gredos ibex and Pyrenees roe deer plus take in some excellent fly fishing for native brown trout.